Dane Reynolds Didn’t Sue Quiksilver

Dane Reynolds Didn't Sue Quiksilver
We made a mistake!

B5723EA0C248A8ABA336A4A53DCB560BCF19AB482E3B4D098Apimgpsh fullsize distrDane, looking happy as a flea, shot by Bosko for Surfing Life 310.

So, if you can think back to not-so-long-ago, aka November last year, you’ll recall that Dane Reynolds parted ways with his long-time sponsor, Quiksilver. At the time there was a lot of speculation as to why… was Quik not paying their athletes, because they had just filed for bankruptcy (in September to be exact)? Was there a blood feud? Who knew…

But! Six months down the track, a bunch of news outlets, ourselves included, published the story that Dane is suing Quik because the company didn’t take his mug off their promotional material, months after the contract had ended.

Turns out, we were wrong. There was an agreement signed a few months back, but the courts are just now getting to it. This was all caused do to a misinterpretation of a legal document, by someone, somewhere. 

So no, Dane isn’t suing Quik, and the couple parted ways happily.


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